Session 5

Efficient technologies for forecasting and exploration of mineral deposits

Given the vast areas of Kazakhstan, the effectiveness of geological forecasting and exploration largely depends on the use of advanced technologies, comprehensive analysis and the high competence of specialists. In Kazakhstan, a course has been taken to modernise the geological industry using innovative exploration methods. Modernisation of the industry is critically important for improving the quality of valuation of prospective areas and determining the best methods for their development and production. 

  • Modernisation of industry practices to improve the quality of mine valuation.
  • Development of technologies that allow real-time collection, processing and analysis of geological survey data.
  • Automation of routine manual work to improve quality and speed up processes.
  • Creation of continuous chains from the digital core, geological research data, seismic exploration, and regional and basin modelling to digital geological models.
  • Automating updates of geological models based on constantly incoming new data.
  • Application of Big Data and Data Mining technologies to improve the accuracy of planning and the speed of decision-making.
  • Improving the quality of field assessment and determining the best methods for their development and operation.
  • Computer simulation of drilling and blasting parameters to increase the profitability of production.

Damir Kyzyr

14:00 - Pribrezhniy a Case study of Multiphysics application in Copper Porphyry exploration

Saken Bolatbekuly
Senior Geoscientist

14:10 - DasVision 3D Induced Polarization: Case Studies from Canada and Kazakhstan

Chris Nind
VP Business Development
Abitibi Geophysics

14:20 - Geological targeting as the most effective tool for forecasting and prospecting for ore deposits

Andrey Chitalin
Chief Geologist
Institute of Geotechnologies

14:30 - Improving the efficiency of geological exploration through the use of modern drilling technologies

Andrey Popov
Eastern Drilling Company

14:40 - Pros and cons of optimizing field work in ore deposits exploration

Evgenii Ermolin

14:50 - Experience in solving search problems for ore minerals

Ivan Alexeev
Open Geology

15:00 - Mineralogical criteria of ore-bearing granitoid massifs

Sergey Petrov
Executive Director
group of companies "LIMS"