MineInvest Kazakhstan Competition

The 4th competition-accelerator of mineral resources development projects

Relevance and Importance

Kazakhstan is a top 10 country in the world for confirmed mineral reserves. There are over 8,000 deposits currently registered in the country, with 910 of them being metal and mineral deposits. However, with the current high levels of production, the country is close to depletion. To increase the replenishment of its mineral resources, the government of Kazakhstan is creating favourable conditions and conducting audits of subsoil use licenses to assess their impact on economic and social development. As a result, the government plans to attract new investors to the mining industry. In 2022, foreign investment in the mining sector in Kazakhstan grew by 18.3%. In the coming years, the government plans to expand the territory studied for minerals by 680,000 square kilometres, covering a total of 2.2 million square kilometres.

Competition Objectives

  • Assess projects related to the exploration and prospecting of deposits containing precious, non-ferrous, rare, and rare earth metals, iron ore, precious and semi-precious stones, and uranium.
  • Evaluate initiatives to expand the mineral resource base of existing mines and tailings.
  • Assess projects focused on the production of strategic metals and the development of innovative products using these metals

Who is invited to participate?

Attention all mining businesses and entrepreneurs! Are you interested in attracting investors and financing for your projects in Kazakhstan and Central Asia? Do you want to create a positive perception of investments in the exploration, production, and modernization of the mining industry in Kazakhstan?

If so, you are invited to participate in our competition. This competition is designed specifically for subsoil users looking to achieve these goals

Which projects are eligible to participate?

  • Projects for the exploration and prospecting of deposits of precious, non-ferrous, rare, and rare earth metals, iron ore, precious and semi-precious stones, and uranium.
  • Projects aimed at increasing the mineral resource base of existing mines and tailings.
  • Projects focused on the development of production of strategic metals and innovative products based on them.

How is the competition organised

Terms and conditions

Applications for the competition are accepted until 13th March 

Participation in the competition is free.

Participants who reach the final will be able to present their projects to the jury and other participants of the forum in Astana.

NB. Participation in the MINEX Kazakhstan forum is possible on a paid basis. Review terms here.

How is the competition organised

The competition is divided into two groups: the first for projects carried out by large companies and organisations, and the other for projects developed by junior mining companies in the field of geological exploration.

Definition of large-scale projects:

Large-scale projects are those that have been developed in Kazakhstan and Central Asia between 2020 and 2023, with the goal of significantly expanding the mineral resource base through the discovery of new deposits and exploration at existing mines. These projects are evaluated on various factors such as the confirmed reserves estimated by the KAZRC Code or an international reporting standard of the CRIRSCO group, the capital or investment required, uniqueness and complexity in implementation, the use of innovative methods and technologies, etc.

Definition of junior projects:

Junior projects are those implemented by junior exploration companies in the pursuit of discovering and developing deposits of metals and minerals in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. These projects are evaluated such factors as the uniqueness and size of inferred resources that have been confirmed by independent experts, as well as economic projections, capital requirements, the complexity of implementation, and the use of innovative methods and technologies.

Competition stages

Applications for participation in the competition must be submitted before 13 March.

Comments and supporting documentation must be submitted before 20 March to admin@minexforum.com under the subject “Supporting documentation for <Project title> proposed for MineInvest Kazakhstan competition”.

After reviewing applications, the jury will select the finalists who will be invited to present (pitch) their projects on 19 or 20 April in person or remotely at the competition finals organised alongside MINEX Kazakhstan Forum in Astana.

Each presentation should not exceed 5-6 minutes. The remaining time is reserved for answering questions from the jury.

Requirements for presentation slides are available here. Slides can be sent before 7 April to slides@minexforum.com.

Projects accepted for participation in the competition finals will be announced on the website in the program of the forum.

Project presentation materials will be included in the collection of the Forum materials and distributed to the participants after the Forum.

Winners Selection

The submitted presentations for the competition will be evaluated by a panel of judges consisting of representatives from prominent Kazakhstani and international companies. The finalists for the competition will be announced on the website as part of the Forum’s program. The winners of the competition will be selected by the judges at the conclusion of the finals

Competition Awards

All companies that participate in the competition final will receive commemorative diplomas. The winners will be awarded Bronze, Silver, and Gold prizes, and the results will be announced in press releases. The awards ceremony will be held on 20 April at a gala dinner that concludes the forum.

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