Distribution of advertising materials

Placement of roll-up banner
at the exhibition


Cost: 500 USD 

The package includes:

A place for a roll-up banner (height, not more than 2 meters, width not more than 1.5 meters) and an opportunity for the distribution of advertising materials in the exhibition area in the period from 19 to 20 April.

Corporate profile on the Forum website and in the mobile application.

Ability to publish news on the forum website.


The mobile banner must be produced, delivered and mounted by the advertiser. The distribution of materials is carried out by a representative of the advertisers or hired promoter.

Payment for promoter services, participation in the forum and meals are not included in the price.

Advertising on the website and mobile application


Cost:  300 USD  

The package includes:

Placement of the company profile (logo and description of the company) on the forum website.

Placement of a company profile in the mobile application.

Placement of
promotional inserts
in the delegate bags


Price: Cost: 500 USD 

The package includes: 

Possibility of placing promotional products (souvenirs, printed materials) in delegate bags.


Inserts must be produced and delivered by the advertiser. Technical requirements for inserts are available on request.

Advertising & Newsletter broadcasts



One newsletter – 1,200.00 USD

Two newsletters – 1,700.00 USD

Three newsletters – 2,100.00 USD

The package includes:

Design of the template of the e-newsletter using texts, graphics and other materials provided by the advertiser.

E-broadcast of the newsletter to the participants and subscribers of the MINEX Kazakhstan forum.

Posting a newsletter in the news section of the forum website

Publishing newsletter in the social groups of the Forum.

Placement of the company profile (logo and company description) on the forum website.

Placement of the company profile in the mobile application.

Video advertising
on the website and onsite


Cost: 500 USD

The package includes:

Advertising on the forum website

Posting a video (YouTube, Vimeo) on a virtual profile on the forum website. Posting a video clip (YouTube, Vimeo) instruction text on the news page on the forum website.

The length of videos is not limited.

Onsite advertising

On-screen demonstration of a video clip in the conference halls between the sessions of the MINEX forum and the Mining Goes Digital conference.

NB. The duration of the video clip should not exceed 30 seconds. The demonstration is made in rotation without sound.

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