Session 4

Developing Kazakhstan’s Critical Metals and Materials Potential

Critical materials – chromium, copper, germanium, lithium and others – are essential building blocks for renewable energy technologies such as solar panels, wind turbines and batteries. In terms of potential in mining and exporting critical raw materials, Kazakhstan ranks fourth worldwide, while in aluminium it is among the top 10. Stimulated by global demand for international investment and technologies, Kazakhstan is poised to become a strategic supplier of battery metals and other critical materials to the Global markets.

  • The new role of Kazakhstan in the EU “Green Deal” as a new strategic supplier of strategic raw materials and green hydrogen.
  • Prospects for the discovery of new deposits of strategic metals and minerals in Kazakhstan.
  • The potential for the development of large-scale production of cobalt, nickel, lithium, and other metals for the "green economy”.
  • Modernisation and Development of the Mining and Metallurgical Industry in Kazakhstan: New opportunities, incentives, and challenges.
  • Green Production and Energy: Development of environmentally friendly processes.
  • Resource Efficiency: Maximizing material use while increasing ore and metal extraction.


Mike Beare
Director and Corporate Consultant (Mining Engineering)
SRK Consulting (Kazakhstan)

16:00 - Strategic Partnership between Kazakhstan and the European Union on sustainable raw materials, batteries and hydrogen value chains

Robert Tomas
Policy Official
European Commission, DG GROW - Raw Materials

16:15 - Global Demand for Critical Metals and Kazakhstan’s Potential for Exploration

Tremain Woods
Deputy Director
MSA-Minerals Consulting

16:30 - Drivers of Project Development in a Commodity deficient world

Mark Chesher
Executive Lead - Business Development
AMC Consultants

16:45 - Sustainable Copper Production Assuring Value for All Stakeholders

Vitaliy Logachev
Technical Director
Kounrad Copper Company | Central Asia Metals

17:00 - Central Asia is a Missing Link in Analyses of Critical Materials for the Global Clean Energy Transition

Roman Vakulchuk
Head of Centre for Energy Research
Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)

17:15 - Review of Kazakhstan's strategy for developing the country's metals processing industry compared to Uzbekistan

Simon Glancy
Managing Partner
Strategic Solutions