Simon Glancy


Managing Partner
Strategic Solutions

Simon leads a consulting firm that advises governments, global investors and donors on political and investment risks in Central Asia & Caucuses. Strategic Solutions advises clients working in the region's strategic industries and has extensive experience of working in the mining industry.

Session 4
19 April 2023 / 16:00 - 17:30 | Sary Arka 1

Review of Kazakhstan's strategy for developing the country's metals processing industry compared to Uzbekistan

Provisional outline subject to change: My presentation would review the success of Kazakhstan, compared to Uzbekistan, in developing a national secondary metals processing industry to meet the needs of indigenous manufacturing industries. We would also contrast the differing state strategies and policies in both countries in encouraging the growth of indigenous metal processing. How effective have these strategies been? Finally we would look at any examples of the two countries cooperating in new mining ventures.