Session 1

Digitalisation of geology and subsoil use in Kazakhstan

The key challenge facing Kazakhstan is the low reproduction of reserves. To accelerate the development of geological science and provide raw materials to the manufacturing industry in Kazakhstan, the National Geological Service was created and the National Geological Strategy for 2023-2027  was adopted by the Government. To facilitate access to geological information, an interdepartmental information system "KAZNEDRA" is being created. To address the issues and improve exploration efficiency the Industry will implement advanced information and digital technologies. 

  • New models of industry management based on the seamless movement of machine-readable data from the stages of exploration to production and processing.
  • Development of a single interdepartmental platform for subsoil use "Kaznedra".
  • Creation and digitalisation of mineral core storage facilities.
  • Digital mapping of geological structures in Kazakhstan.
  • Using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the prediction and analysis of mineral resources.
  • Improvement of remote sensing and GIS-based mapping techniques.
  • Using machine learning algorithms to predict geological formations.
  • Integration of geophysical data with satellite imagery to improve survey accuracy.
  • Application of artificial intelligence technologies and drones to obtain images and data in hard-to-reach regions.
  • The use of digital technologies in the analysis and implementation of investment projects.

Inna Shalovenkova
Sales Director Mining and Minerals, EMEA

09:00 - Achieving Full Potential for Mining and Metals Assets: Diagnostic and Transformation Methodologies

Yuri Savguira
Senior Engagement Manager

09:10 - Lessons Learned from the application of remote operations centers in Mining Operations Australia and the Americas

Tony Edwards
StepChange Global

09:20 - Digitization of mining management powered by K-MINE

Mykhailo Nazarenko
K-MINE Group

09:30 - The age of data: collection, processing and interpretation

Aleksandr Frolov
Team Lead CSS

09:40 - Cases of improving the efficiency of drilling and blasting operations based on the use of digital technologies of the MGIS GEOMIX and dispatching systems

Andrey Gerasimov
Chief Technical Officer

09:50 - Mining Data Management

Oleg Zhavoronkin
Deputy General Director

10:00 - Digital transformation of drilling operations

Mikhail Demidovich
Head of Implementation and Technical Support Department
AGR Software

10:10 - Blast Digital Twin to support sustainable mining

Thierry Bernard
General manager
TBT / DNA-Blast Group