Open Business Track 5

Technologies for digitalisation of mining operations

Among the countries with a high dependence on mineral resources, Kazakhstan is at a transition stage. To overcome the technological lag of the industries and create new base points of innovative growth, Kazakhstan is intensifying the introduction of digital technologies and developing cooperation between applied science and industrial enterprises. The issue of training personnel for the transition to Industry 4.0 has become key for mining enterprises.

  • Creating a culture of production that embraces innovation and change.
  • Regulation at the legislative level of R&D of subsoil user companies with the National Scientific and Technical Council.
  • Strengthening partnerships with universities and technology providers to develop innovative approaches to education, research and development in the field of digitalisation of mining.
  • Examples and prospects of scientific and technical cooperation between universities and subsoil user companies on the creation of pilot industrial installations for testing and industrial implementation of innovative technologies.
  • Industry training system for the transition to Industry 4.0.
  • Development of competence centres for the training of specialists in the development of digital technologies in the mining industry.
  • Advanced methods and technologies of training, management and efficiency improvement.
  • Incorporating new analytical tools and software into existing HR processes to improve data collection and decision-making capabilities.
  • The use of digitalisation and automation tools to increase efficiency and minimise costs associated with time-consuming processes.

Julia Boiko
General director
Greenrock International

14:30 - Overview of a boxed solution based on LabWare LIMS for metallurgical and mining companies

Denis Shamov
Deputy General Director for Sales

14:40 - Underground ventilation: digitalization, innovation, energy efficiency

Denis Narozhnyi
Howden Development Director

14:50 - Cases of digital projects in production

Levon Kirakosyan
Intelligent Solutions

15:00 - Ore loss and dilution from open pit mining. Prediction based on block model and comparison with actual mining

Ilya Kamenskiy
Lead Mining Engineer - Geologist

15:10 - Digitalization of pumping and compressor park based on BigData technology and Machine learning

Telman Shuriyev
Head of production asset management
NAC Kazatomprom

15:20 - - Theme Pending