Julia Boiko


General director
Greenrock International

Julia Boiko is a mining industry professional with 17 years of experience in strategic business development, corporate leadership and operational management. Currently, Julia is a General Director of Greenrock International LLC, ESG-focused auditing firm. Julia is accredited as an auditor with the Cyanide Management Institute in Washington DC and IRCA in London.

Previously, Julia was a Sustainability Director at Udokan, the largest copper project in Russia and held positions of the General Director at ALS, an ASX-listed testing company and Wardell Armstrong, an international mining consultancy Kazakhstan and Russia.

In 2012, Julia earned an MBA from the University of North Carolina, USA, and Otago Business School of New Zealand. Prior to that, Julia earned a Diploma with Distinction in environmental management from the University of Exeter in the UK which added technical skills to her arsenal, ultimately making her an experienced environmental auditor. Preceding this was a Bachelors Degree earned at the Kazakh-Russian University and positions at Pustynnoye gold mining operation and Shevchenko nickel laterite project in Kazakhstan.

Julia possesses a wealth of experience in the metalliferous mining sector with a sustained record of success in business management and strategic development. She is devoted to relentlessly leveraging the strengths of the business through high quality expertise with the focus on ESG.