Open Business Track 1

Technology for optimisation of exploration of mineral and metals deposits

The business track is held in a specialised area which is open to both forum participants and exhibition visitors. At the business track venue, companies and Forum participants can present their technologies, cases and products. 

Svetlana Timchenko
General Director
Marketing from Timchenko

16:00 - Unique production of drilling additives that guarantee maximum results on the sites

Aleksandr Kleimiuk
Deputy General Director

16:15 - Comprehensive airborne geophysical technologies of a new generation

Pavel Babayants
Chief geophysist
GNPP Aerogeophysica

16:25 - Aurora Geophysics technologies and approaches

Kemal Amanbayev
Aurora Geophysics

16:35 - Modern Methods of Remote Sensing Materials Analysis Application in Geological Targeting

Dmitry Sivkov
Head of GIS Department, Geologist
Institute of Geotechnologies (IGT Group)

16:45 - Cross-hole radio imaging method with the FARA system

Klim Ratnikov
FARA Systems LLP

16:55 - Inflatable packers for hydrogeological works in boreholes

Dmitry Savelev

17:05 - Modern geophysical equipment and its use in geological exploration mineral deposits

Andrei Shuvalov
Senior project manager
Geodevice Kazakhstan