Andrei Shuvalov


Senior project manager
Geodevice Kazakhstan

Andrei Shuvalov received his Bachelor's degree in 2016 and a Master's degree in physics in 2018 from Saint Petersburg State University. Andrei joined GEODEVICE in the autumn of 2016. Together with the team he has been engaged in the full work cycle: from the development of geophysical equipment and software to its implementation in operation at the client's site. Andrei has participated in numerous seismic interpretation/modeling, marine magnetic, and seismic survey projects. Author of a series of works on cross-hole seismic testing (CST) and application of multisource in offshore seismic surveys. In 2020, he led a project of a marine towed magnetometer-gradiometer. He is a member of SEG and EAGE.

Open Business Track 1
19 April 2023 / 16:00 - 17:30 | Sary Arka 2

Modern geophysical equipment and its use in geological exploration mineral deposits

The presentation will highlight new products and developments by GEODEVICE aimed at improving the quality of data received and the speed/convenience of geophysical work: 1) the latest line of ground-based magnetometers MaxiMag, SmartMag and QuantumMag 2) a five-channel 16/24-bit wideband audio/radio magnetotelluric complex " ARMT-5” (which has an unprecedented frequency range for devices of this type and, therefore, a range of possible applications: from engineering geophysical to structural geological) 3) promising offshore complexes MariMag and AlmazMarine.