Open Business Track 4

Technology for Improving the quality of prospecting and appraisal

The business track is held in a specialised area which is open to both forum participants and exhibition visitors. At the business track venue, companies and Forum participants can present their technologies, cases and products.

Svetlana Timchenko
General Director
Marketing from Timchenko

11:30 - Application of unmanned aerial systems in geophysical prospecting

Alexander Simakov
Chief Geophysicist
Radar MMS

11:40 - Modern magnetic exploration complex using UAV carriers

Alexander Luchnikov
Lead Geophysicst
AGT Systems Vostok

11:50 - Modern geological exploration technologies.

Ivan Kozyrev
AGT Systems Vostok

12:00 - Improving the quality of prospecting and appraisal work

Ekaterina Zakandykina
Corporate Client Manager
AGR Software

12:10 - Comparative analysis of the homogeneity of ore gold-bearing standard samples of elemental composition from world manufacturers

Nikita Sutyagin
Geological Survey Engineer

12:20 - Mobile scanning with a RIEGL terrestrial scanner and other company innovations

Vsevolod Shulyakovskiy
Director of Laser Scanning Department

12:30 - AEM survey of the Neretva Delta (Croatia): a case study for hydrogeology

Evgeny Karshakov

12:40 - Magnetization vector 3D inversions of airborne magnetic data flown over Grib kimberlite pipe

Vladislav Kaminski
Irkutsk State Technical University (ISTU)