Silicon plant in Karaganda is planned to be launched by the end of the year

Tau-Ken Samruk Holding has scheduled the resumption of production at the silicon plant in Karaganda in the 4th quarter of 2023.

According to the portal, the enterprise stopped working in 2020 due to high duties on the import of silicon into the United States. The market was the main one for the company, and new partners could not be found. Also, the situation was negatively affected by the fall in metal prices on world markets.

This year, production is planned to be resumed on the basis of the Aktas quartz deposit: the holding has a valid license for it. Its reserves are 4 million tons of ore. This will allow the newly opened enterprise to produce 25,000 tons of metallic silicon per year.

This metal is in demand by enterprises producing radio electronics, including computers and mobile phones. In Kazakhstan, only one plant is currently engaged in the production of silicon – the KazSilicon metallurgical plant.