ERG opened a core storage facility in Rudny

ERG Exploration, a division of the Eurasian Group specializing in geological exploration, has opened a core storage facility in the city of Rudny. The new geological complex was named ERG GeoHub, the company’s press center reports.

The cost of the investment project is 320 million tenge. The complex contains about 100 thousand running meters of core. The company was equipped with an automatic high-speed core cutter to minimize manual labor.

The storage of data obtained in the course of laboratory studies of core materials is also automated. All information, including ERG’s longstanding exploration projects, will be digitized.

The company notes that the new core storage will help preserve samples of substances obtained during drilling, confirm the presence of metals and put reserves on the state balance sheet. Now ERG Exploration already has 43 deposits. The company is engaged in exploration of deposits of iron, chromium, bauxite and other metals.

At the end of 2022, ERG invested about $10 million in exploration. This year, the company plans to double investments. The company intends to open other core storages in Kostanay and Aktobe regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.