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MINEX Kazakhstan offers ample opportunities for the presentation and discussion of important trends, initiatives, and technological advances in the Mining and Geological sectors in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian counties.

Please take note of the following deadlines

Participants in the MineDigital and MineInvest competitions must submit their applications by 13 March 2023, at the latest.

Submit application

Applications for presentations in the sessions of the MINEX Kazakhstan forum, the Mining Goes Digital conference and business tracks must be submitted no later than 20 March 2023.

Review presentation options

Numerous aspects, such as relevancy, informativeness, importance, etc., are taken into consideration while evaluating applications.

MINEX Kazakhstan presentation platforms

MINEX Kazakhstan Forum Sessions and panel discussions

What subjects are being presented or discussed

  • Overview and analysis of industry trends and future outlook
  • Changes in regulations related to mining and general business and investment environment
  • Government involvement in mineral resource management
  • New initiatives and plans for attracting investments
  • Strategies for sustainable development and implementation of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) by large companies
  • Actioning decarbonization and achieving carbon neutrality
  • Enhancing transparency and reporting in subsoil use
  • Funding and investments in the industry
  • Development of technologies to improve efficiency in the exploration, production, and processing of ore and non-metallic materials
  • Presentations on industry reviews and case studies of the adoption of innovative industry solutions and technologies by Kazakhstani and foreign companies.

Attention. Promotional content should not be included in presentations at the MINEX Kazakhstan Forum. However, so long as client representatives take part in the conversation, presentations of projects and technology are permitted.

Review agenda themes


Master classes are held by specialists from international and national companies in order to present experience in solving various problems related to subsoil use. The topics and content of the master classes are determined by the companies offering the master class. As a rule, the options for conducting master classes at the forum site are offered as part of a sponsorship package. More detailed information on the conditions and possibilities of organizing a master class can be found in the Secretariat of the MINEX Kazakhstan Forum.

The purpose of master courses is to share expertise in resolving various issues linked to subsoil usage among experts from worldwide and domestic enterprises. The businesses organising the master courses choose the subjects and content to cover. In most cases, the opportunity to organise master classes at the Forum is provided as part of a sponsorship package. Further information on the prerequisites and terms for setting up a master class may be obtained from the MINEX Kazakhstan Forum Secretariat.

Request sponsorship terms

Business Tracks

Business tracks are held in a specialized area open to both forum participants and exhibition visitors. At the business track site, companies and forum participants can present their technologies, cases and products.  By organising a business presentation, companies and individuals can showcase their innovations and increase their brand awareness. This is a great opportunity to attract the attention of a wide range of participants and develop valuable business connections.

Presentation options and terms

Mining Goes Digital Conference

The 2nd conference on digital transformation Mining Goes Digital Kazakhstan, organised on the forum platform, provides a platform for presentation and discussion of cases of digital transformation of mining and geological exploration and subsoil use management in Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries.

Attention. Presentations offered for the conference should not be promotional in nature.  Presentation of cases of projects and technologies is allowed subject to participation in the discussion of customer representatives.

Promotional content should not be included in presentations. Technology and project case studies may be presented, as long as client representatives take part in the presentation or discussion.

More about the conference

MineDigital Competition

The MineDigital Kazakhstan competition is held for companies implementing solutions for digitalisation and automation of production processes of the mining and metallurgical industry from the creation of digital cores to the construction of digital mine twins.

The MineDigital Kazakhstan competition is open to businesses that are putting digitalisation and automation of mining and metallurgical sector production processes into practice, from building digital cores to building digital mine twins.

More about the competition

MineInvest Contest

The competition is open to subsoil users, including companies and individual entrepreneurs, who are looking to secure investment and financing for their geological exploration, production, or modernisation projects in Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries. This competition is an opportunity for these subsoil users to showcase their projects and create a positive image for investing in the mining industry. All subsoil users developing projects in Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries are welcome to participate.

More about the competition