Konstantin Davkaev


Sinergo - partner of "1C" company

Mining engineer by education and an economist in the management of mining enterprises, has extensive experience in the IT industry, worked in the banking sector and headed the IT department of the Sibuglemet holding. In 2006, he organized his own IT company "Synergo", where he is currently the leader. Synergo has become a leader in software development for the mining industry in Russia. He is the ideologist of the development of the “1C:Mining industry” product line.

Session 2 #MGD
20 April 2023 / 11:30 - 13:00 | Sary Arka 1

Digital mine - automation of accounting and planning using 1C solutions

1C solutions allow solving the problems of rationing, planning, accounting and analysis of the processes of geological exploration, mining and technological transportation, processing, shipment by various modes of transport, equipment management, repairs and maintenance, accounting of fuels and lubricants, quality management, metal balance formation, accounting for the work of employees and payroll, management, accounting, tax and international accounting, industrial safety and electronic document management. The integration capabilities of the 1C:Enterprise platform allow you to create a accounting center based on 1C solutions, integrating it with mining and geological systems, weighing software and hardware systems, equipment dispatching systems, control systems for filling stations, SCADA processing plants, electronic document management systems and government portals.