“Kazzinc” and “Vostoktsvetmet” Lead in Workplace Accidents in East Kazakhstan Region

Mining giants “Kazzinc” and “Vostoktsvetmet” have been identified as the leading companies in workplace accidents and injuries in the East Kazakhstan Region, according to a report by Atameken Business. These large metallurgical enterprises account for 91% of the region’s dismal statistics.

In response to the concerning numbers, local authorities have been forced to hold a meeting to understand the reasons behind the constant injuries and fatalities. Agency experts conducted inspections and discovered that accidents frequently occur due to old or worn-out equipment.

Furthermore, it was found that individuals with low qualifications and those who had not received safety training were often allowed to work. This lack of proper training and experience has contributed to the high accident rates at these companies.

In related news, “Kazzinc” reported a loss in 2022. Despite generating revenue of $3.564 billion last year, the mining and metallurgical giant experienced a net loss of $51 million.