Kazakhmys Smelting fined for environmental violations

Kazakhmys Smelting fined 4.5 million tenge (approx 10.000 USD) in Karaganda region for environmental violationsKazakhmys Smelting, a company based in the Karaganda region, has been fined 4.5 million tenge for multiple environmental violations, according to a report by “Khabar 24” correspondent. Last year, the Balakhash metallurgical plant identified numerous violations, including excessive emissions of sulfur dioxide and an inefficient gas capture system. The plant was immediately issued three fines, which have been paid in full. The plant has also been ordered to upgrade all of its purification facilities by the end of this year. The facility is responsible for 12% of all emissions in the region.

Darkan Iszhanov, the Acting Head of the Ecology Department for the Karaganda region, said, “Gas emissions that go through the roof and windows are called ‘low gases’ metaphorically. They don’t go out through the pipe, around 200 meters somewhere, and then they don’t dissipate into the atmosphere, but go towards the city of Balkhash, causing discontent among its residents. That’s the main problem with this company.