Digital platform for subsoil users of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be launched in the spring of 2023

A unified digital platform for subsoil users of Kazakhstan called is planned to be launched in May 2023. This was stated by the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Activities of the Republic.

The agency is one of the creators of the platform along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the national company “Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary”. The digital solution was developed to provide online access to geological data, allocation of blocks and reporting, as well as to track the activities of mining companies.

The platform is already accepting applications for obtaining subsoil plots, exploration and production of solid PI. But the beginning of the industrial operation of the service was scheduled for May of this year. Prior to that, specialists will work out proposals and comments on the work of the platform for several months. already contains about 30 thousand geological reports. By the end of the year, the map of the study of the area will be supplemented with another 24 thousand reports. According to the platform developers, now mining companies or potential investors will receive full, error-free information about the subsoil area of interest to them.