Kazakhstan has imposed a ban on the export of coal by road

The government’s press service reported that the Kazakh Interdepartmental Commission on Foreign Trade Policy has decided to implement a six-month restriction on the transportation of coal and lignite (also known as brown coal) from Kazakhstan’s territory by road.

According to the press service, the commission has established a temporary ban on the export of coal and lignite by road from Kazakhstan for a period of six months.

The ban is significant because it aims to prevent a shortage of coal for domestic consumption and power generation during the winter season. Last year, Kazakhstan faced a coal crisis due to increased demand and panic buying by consumers who feared running out of fuelKazakhstan is also a potential supplier of coal to Europe, which is facing high energy prices and low gas inventories. Experts believe that by limiting coal exports by road, Kazakhstan hopes to ensure enough supply for its own needs and avoid a repeat of last year’s situation.