Carbon Neutrality Strategy discussed at the Ministry of Ecology

The Ministry of Ecology of Kazakhstan recently discussed the implementation of the draft Strategy for achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. During the meeting, the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Zulfiya Suleimenova, and the Economic Affairs Advisor to the President of Kazakhstan, Sir Suma Chakrabarti, discussed the decarbonization process, including the necessary investments for low-carbon development. The strategy emphasizes the importance of investing in low-carbon projects and creating a favourable investment climate for low-carbon policies.

The government also plans to take measures to modernize existing industries and infrastructure, while providing targeted support to socially vulnerable groups. Additionally, the meeting addressed the implementation of digital technologies for monitoring greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to alternative and renewable energy sources.

Zulfiya Suleimenova mentioned the development of a roadmap for the medium-term goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by 2030. The roadmap will reflect the necessary measures for decarbonization in all sectors of the economy. The meeting also discussed the development of the forest fund, combating desertification, and the implementation of a greenhouse gas emissions trading system.

Overall, the discussion concluded that all planned works are important and will contribute to achieving the goal of decarbonization.