13 new depisits added to the state register in Kazakhstan in 2022

In 2022, 13 fields were registered for the first time as a result of geological exploration by subsoil users. 3 fields were for solid minerals (Belsu, Zyryanovskoye TMO, Manka) and 10 were for hydrocarbons (oil – Northern Kenlyk, Tepke West, North-Eastern Doschyan, Aksai of the South-Eastern Rise, gas – Tamgalytar, Rostoshinskoye, Oppak, Ketekazgan West, Barkhannaya).

The Vice Minister also announced that gold had increased by 48 tons, copper by 25,000 tons, lead by 51,000 tons, zinc by 216,000 tons, oil by 49 million tons, and gas by 38.4 billion m³. The main tasks for 2023 include implementing the Concept for the Development of the Geological Industry for 2023-2027, continuing work on the National Geological Service JSC, and improving the efficiency of the state geological study of the subsoil.

Additionally, the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development announced an auction on May 26 to grant the right of subsoil use for the extraction of solid minerals.