Ecology and Industry of Kazakhstan Magazine/Kazakhstan Business Council for Sustainable Development

"ECOLOGY AND INDUSTRY OF KAZAKHSTAN" Quarterly information and analytical magazine. The journal "Ecology and Industry of Kazakhstan" has been published by the Kazakhstan Association of Nature Users for Sustainable Development (KAPUR) since 2004. Media certificate No. 4755-Zh dated 03/02/2004. In 2014, he was registered with the ISSN International Center for the Registration of Serials and was assigned the international number ISSN 2311-536X. The magazine is widely distributed among government agencies. The journal "Ecology and Industry of Kazakhstan" is of great interest to entrepreneurs, ecologists, civil servants, representatives of non-governmental organizations, scientists, teachers, students - everyone who is interested in events and the latest achievements in the field of ecology.
The publication contains official materials on environmental protection and sustainable development, articles on the best practices of companies. A separate section is devoted to current trends and forecasts in the environmental, economic and public spheres at the state and international levels. Particular attention is paid to reforms in the field of environmental legislation.