Yelena Sitnikova


Head of the Representative Office

Sitnikova Elena, born in 1976, Head of the Representative Office of Purolite in Almaty. Heat Power engineer. Candidate of Engineering Sciences. In 1998 she graduated from the Almaty Institute of Power Engineering and Telecommunications (AIPET) with a degree in Energy and Heat Technologies. In 2008, she completed her postgraduate studies at AIPET with a degree in Industrial Heat Power Engineering. The total work experience is more than 25 years. More than 12 years of experience in international projects. He is a member of international expert groups in the areas of energy, processing, chemical and nuclear industries. Participated in a number of major international scientific and practical conferences, in international industrial and economic congresses in the cities of Amsterdam, Berlin, Monte Carlo, Beijing, Moscow, Tashkent, Almaty, Astana, etc. Interested in science and technology, engineering and innovation.

Open Business Track 3
20 April 2023 / 10:00 - 11:00 | Sary Arka 2

Purolite ion-exchange resins in technologies for extracting and purifying valuable components from solutions

Ion exchange is widely used in technologies for extracting valuable components from solutions due to its well-known advantages: large depth of purification, compactness of installations, ease of operation and the possibility of full automation of their work, resistance to concentration and hydraulic flow fluctuations. In metallurgy, the introduction of ion-exchange technologies has opened up access to the efficient processing of low-grade ores, previously considered waste rock.
The presentation gives examples of existing ion-exchange technologies: purification of a cobalt chloride solution from cadmium, purification of a copper electrolyte from antimony and tin, purification of a solution of rare earth elements (REE) from uranium and thorium, extraction of lithium and purification of lithium salt solutions from impurities.
Purolite is committed to partnering with interested parties to develop and improve technologies for extracting valuable components from solutions.