Central-Asian Institute of Environmental Research (СAIER)

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Environmental services

CAIER (Central Asian Institute for Environmental Research)


An independent institute in Kazakhstan that provides services in the area of environmental monitoring, environmental research and analytical studies.

It was established in 2012.

The work of CAIER is based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG UN).

CAIER cooperates with leading enterprises and companies in Kazakhstan. The priority areas of Institute are:

- carrying out environmental studies;

- carrying out analytical studies of geological samples;

- recycling of wastes from the petrochemical industry;

- water supply (reservoir treatment and rainwater harvesting).

The environmental monitoring laboratory provides services for:

- measurement of more than 200 chemical and physical-chemical indicators of environmental objects, ores and rocks;

- environmental radiation monitoring;

- Analysis of food and cosmetic products

- Analysis of toys and children's products for harmful chemicals;

- preparation of reports based on the results of industrial environmental monitoring;

- development of regulatory and procedural documents, measurement procedures, standards, their metrological certification based on the profile of the laboratory.

The analytical laboratory renders services on:

- sample preparation of geological samples;

Atomic absorption spectrometry

Atomic emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma

-  Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

CAIER has a research and development laboratory (RnD Laboratory), which assists in solving the problems of processing and disposal of production waste.