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AGR Software, a company with the Skolkovo Innovation Center resident status, is a leading Russian developer and the rightsholder of one of the most in-demand software solutions for geological exploration support that is widely used across Russia and the CIS countries (AGR Information System).

Since the first AGR release brought to market in 2010, the company has delivered more than 1000 workstations, and successfully carried out over 100 projects.

AGR is a full-featured end-to-end exploration support system covering all stages of geological exploration, from drilling to preparing a database for geological and mathematical modeling. Such an integrated approach makes best of the advanced methods of subsoil investigations. Today, the AGR system gives an opportunity to switch from handwriting to digital logging. With the system, the user may obtain, accumulate, and manage a number of production indicators, including drilling, geological, geotechnical, hydrological, survey, etc. The system offers a variety of tools to support data visualization, linking of graphical images, automatic coding of batches of samples, photographing and much more. Thanks to the built-in feature, one may automatically generate a full set of primary reporting documents in accordance with the requirements of the State Reserves Committee and Rosgeolfond. By providing up-to-date progress and results reports the system facilitates operational planning and significantly increases the manageability and transparency of projects. The AGR system is compatible with various devices and IT platforms, while a combination of local and cloud data storages with enabled logging ensures maximum data security. 

At the customer’s request, tailor-made geological databases and customized corporate solutions for geological exploration may be created.

At AGR Software, the project on modernization of core logging facilities and core warehouses is well underway. In addition to the software, the company also manufactures and supplies automated core logging tables. The equipment is patented and has all compliance certificates.