GKZ for the first time estimated reserves of bauxite and gold deposits in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan

During the conference “Mining industry in Russia and the CIS: construction and modernization”, which took place in Chelyabinsk from March 22 to 24, the participants discussed topical issues and development trends in the mining industry.

Evgeny Persiyanov, Head of the Monitoring, Analysis and Methodology Department of the State Commission for Mineral Reserves, shared with colleagues the results and prospects of an expert assessment of deposits in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, which was carried out by the GKZ specialists for the first time.

In Kazakhstan, when evaluating the Koktal group of bauxite deposits, experts concluded that the deposit belongs to a large category and estimated the mineral reserves at 130-150 million tons.

Another object of the GKZ assessment was a deposit in Tajikistan. After examining the Churraga gold deposits, the experts concluded that the quantitative assessment of the object is 50 tons of gold, according to the predicted resources, the deposit belongs to the P2 + P3 categories.

“Representatives of Kazakhstan and Tajikistan applied to the GKZ for an expert assessment of the deposits. For these objects, reserves were previously calculated, but this was done in Soviet times. The stocks supplied at that time do not quite meet modern requirements,” Evgeny Persianov emphasized.

As the evaluation of the deposits showed, the objects of the Koktal group have great prospects for further attracting investments, and the Churraga deposits have great prospects for interaction with the geological structures of Russia and Tajikistan.