Kazakhstan’s plans to limit parallel imports to Russia

Kazakhstan will start tracking goods during transit in real time to prevent circumvention of sanctions. Reuters sources spoke of a surge in the interest of Russian companies in the supply of sanctions through Kazakhstan
From April 1, a system for accounting for products imported and exported from the country will work in Kazakhstan, which “will allow real-time tracking of the entire chain of movement of goods from border to border”, preventing circumvention of sanctions against Russia. The Financial Times and Eurasianet write about this, citing high-ranking officials in Kazakhstan.

“Our government has repeatedly and very clearly stated that Kazakhstan does not impose any sanctions or restrictions on trade with Russia. However, it will not allow to circumvent Western sanctions and will not become a platform for such a circumvention, ”said the source of the portal.

The official noted that Kazakhstan understands all the risks associated with secondary sanctions, the republic is closely monitoring trade with all partners.

“Suspicious trade transactions are subject to close scrutiny and, if necessary, administrative action is taken,” the official added.

According to the Bureau of National Statistics of Kazakhstan, last year exports to Russia increased by 25% compared to 2021 figures. In particular, the number of washing machines imported from Kazakhstan to Russia increased from zero in 2021 to 100,000 a year later, FT points out. Eurasianet writes that in 2021, Kazakhstan exported $12,000 worth of advanced semiconductors to Russia, but this figure jumped to $3.7 million in 2022.

The list of goods allowed for parallel import to the Russian Federation includes ores, ferrous metals, copper, aluminum, equipment for the mining industry and components, industrial explosives, etc.