Miners will have to coordinate the costs of R&D with the Government of Kazakhstan

A new rule for mining companies in Kazakhstan: coordinate your research costsю The new regulation will affect Kazakhstani companies that explore and produce uranium and hydrocarbons. They will have to get approval from a special scientific and technical council for their research spending.

The portal “Open Regulatory Legal Acts” published the changes to the joint order of the Minister of Energy and the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for public discussion.

The order states that these mining companies will have to submit their funding program for research, science, technology and/or development (R&D) to the scientific and technical council. The council will consist of representatives from industry associations, universities, research institutes, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, etc.

The council will make sure that the research programs of the mining companies are not duplicated or irrelevant. After the council approves the research funding, it will have to oversee how the companies execute the planned program.