The Ministry of Industry was instructed to take measures to curb illegal mining

Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov of Kazakhstan has instructed the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development to take measures to curb illegal mining in the country. He stated that due to the transfer of new functions and powers to the ministry in the field of state geological study and reproduction of mineral resources, it is necessary to pay special attention to the sphere of subsoil use. The scale of illegal mining is quite substantial, with 76 facts of illegal mining recently revealed in just three districts of the East Kazakhstan region.

The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of digitalization of the geological industry for the transparency of the sphere of subsoil use and the development of the country’s economy. He also mentioned the importance of accelerating the implementation of projects for the production of mineral fertilizers and ensuring transparent auctions to attract investment and develop the potential of the mining and metallurgical industry.

Additionally, the Prime Minister instructed to increase the share of in-country value in regulated procurement by concluding off-take contracts with domestic producers and adopting individual programs for the development of domestic value.