Mongolia: Discover New Partnerships

MINEX Forum took part in the meetings with the Mongolian national delegation at PDAC. Companies developing new mining projects presented at the Mongolia-country session at the 23rd CECC Mining Conference on 6 March 2023 in Toronto.

Bilguun Ankhbayar, VP of Business Development, Erdene Resource Development Corp., moderated the session.

Uyanga Bold, Ph.D., Director-general of the Geological Policy Department of the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, opened the session. Ms Bold reported on the new post-pandemic recovery policy focusing on opening the country to domestic and foreign investment. It was noted that according to the geological research conducted in Mongolia, more than 30 deposits and more than 200 occurrences were identified in 11 metallogenic zones making the region more appealing for exploration and production.

Ali Haji, CEO of Ion Energy Ltd., spoke about Mongolia’s unique geographical location and significance to China’s Belt & Road Initiative and remarked on the untapped and unlimited potential for battery metal production.

President and CEO of Erdene Resource Development Corp. Peter Akerley highlighted the potential for copper-gold discoveries with at least 20 new copper deposits.