Location of the first nuclear plant in Kazakhstan to be discussed on 28 February

Kazakhstan has been considering the construction of a nuclear power plant since 1997, and the possibility of building one on the southwestern coast of Lake Balkhash near the village of Ulken13 is currently being explored. However, the country is still in the process of selecting the technology for the project. To this end, Kazakhstan is reviewing proposals from four leading global companies: Korean KHNP, Chinese CNNC, Russian state corporation Rosatom, and French EDF.

On 28 February 2023, public hearings will be held to discuss the site chosen for the proposed nuclear power plant. The Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan has been assessing the site, and the country is waiting for the technology selection to proceed with the project.

Constructing a nuclear power plant can have both benefits and risks. On the one hand, it can provide a significant source of clean energy, help reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to the country’s energy security. On the other hand, nuclear power plants can pose a threat to public safety and the environment, as seen in the past with accidents such as Chornobyl and Fukushima.

While the construction of a nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan can bring significant benefits, it is essential to proceed with caution and ensure that the plant is constructed in a safe location and adheres to the highest safety standards. Additionally, investing in renewable energy sources would be a complementary measure to diversify the country’s energy mix and promote sustainability.