Exploration for precious metals and minerals in Northern Kazakhstan

Exploration for precious metals and minerals is currently underway in the northern region of Kazakhstan. Eight private companies are working to discover polymetals, titanium and zirconium, gold, tungsten, and common minerals in the area. These companies include Terra Firma LLP, Minerals of Northern Kazakhstan LLP, Sirius X LLP, Geo Sever LLP, Dream Geo LLP, SKO Sant LLP, First Mining Company LLP, and Shungite Dobycha LLP.

Additionally, since 2019, the national company Kazgeology has been conducting prospecting and evaluation work to identify the presence of gold, copper and polymetals in the Kokshetauskaya and Zapadnaya regions.

To improve mineral resource management in the area, the Ministries of Digital Development, Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources, Energy, Industry and Infrastructure Development have begun creating a single platform called Kaznedra, which will consolidate all information systems related to the use of the subsoil and provide comprehensive service support to investors.

In December 2022, National Geological Survey was established on behalf of the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. The agency will provide comprehensive service support to investors through open access to geological information, operation of the National Data Bank of Mineral Resources, and generalization, systematization and analysis of geological information.